Principal Message

From the Pen of Principal

Essence of education lines in well discipline, good demeanours etiquette showing manners to treat with elder and reverence for the society as well. An enthusiastic member of the school family we keep an eye on the developing children to groom their future by several methods and technology in a system so that they many learn anything easily without thinking study as a burden.

We have taken reasonable and practical step to keep our pace with the world, also focus on super quality education to our students and make them dept in learning for any type of competition and board level exams. In spite of all difficulties we execute our duty with full of devotion to achieve our level best.

Regarding extra-co-curricular activities our school stands at all the stage and exhibits vigor and vitality to rekindle our glorious past culture civilization and enriched heritage. We have committed to dedicate reverently with full of passion for the decorum decency of the institutions and education.


Santosh Prasad Barnwal